Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Our First Family Portraits :)

A HUGE Thank You to my good friend Tina @ www.tmphotography.net for capturing our family so beautifully!!

Thanksgiving Blessings

Wow.. It has been sooo long! Crazy, crazy. Let's start with some updates:
* Today is a particularly happy day for many adoptive families who are working through the agency that we used to adopt thru India. There are 15 families who have been waiting for months for their legals to be processed. Just after we brought Maya home, the judge in Kolkata changed twice, and neither of the new judges has been inclined to sign any adoption papers. ??!! Anyhow, many people have been working in Kolkata to get this moved to a higher court and get something done (since June!) and FINALLY!! the first family had their papers signed today. Praise God! We could not be happier for them. The other families have been given dates for their cases, so things are looking very positive.
I don't know what we would do if we had been part of this delay. We thank God every day that we were able to bring Maya home to her Forever Family when we did. We have a LOT to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!!
* Sad news, however.. the adoption has fallen thru for the twin girls who were in the crib next to Maya in the orphanage. We are friends with the couple who was attempting to adopt them - they live in our town. We are all devastated by this news, but trust that what is meant to be will be. Not that I would be feeling too into that idea right now if I were them.. but they seem to be adjusting fairly well. Very, very, very sad.

In happier news..
* Maya is a joy, as always. Still the very happy, sweet baby. I'm attaching a photo, and she is as sweet as she looks. :) She is still not walking, but we are getting closer every day. I think she finally has the strength to walk, but is mustering up the courage now. She walks while holding our hands - sometimes only one hand/finger. And good god the girl can crawl like a monkey!! She FLIES! It is scary to think of how things will be once she is on 2 feet... She has also just learned how to climb the stairs, and now we finally need that gate!
Her favorite toy: At Halloween, I had purchased a little bell that looked like a jack-o-lantern. She loooved it! So now that we are approaching Xmas, she has a new Xmas bell! Actually it is a small set of bells. She could not be happier. 'Beh! Beh! Beh!' :))) The bell has definately out-ranked any toy so far.
New words: She has, of course, been saying 'Mama' and 'Dada' for a few months. She started saying 'Dog' a couple months ago also, but it is more understandable now. She is also calling the dog by her name - Tasha. Sounds like 'Tas'. She also is completely in love with the dog. Loves to chase her, grab her tongue, pet her (though it is normally more like beating on her!), kiss her. So cute!! ..of course, Tasha does not always agree.. but they are pretty good buddies now. Tasha is very excited when the goldfish crackers or the cheerios make an appearance, that's for sure!
Maya also repeats a lot of words now. She is very into mimicing - facial expressions, words, sounds, movements. She can make a snake sound .. loves to do that and is just learning that not ALL animals make that sound! She is starting to roar and meow. Hopefully more to come, as that is just too darn cute! :)
* Xmas decoration has already begun at our house! I found out in the past couple of months that I need to have major surgery, which is scheduled for 12/11. Very unfortunate that it is so close to Xmas, as I LUV the holidays!! ..But hey, nothing we can do about it, so just going to make the best of it. Tonite we are planning to get out the tree!!
Unfortunately, I'll still be in serious recovery-mode when Maya's formal adoption date comes up - Dec 21st. We are not changing it though.. I'll be there come hell or high water (might just need to be wheeled in but whatever)!!!!!!! This is a very special day for our family, and nothing is going to impact it. That girl is going to legally become our daughter in 2006 no matter what!
I'll try to upload some additional photos as the holidays approach. I'm sure I will have nothing better to do when stuck at home recovering for weeks, so keep checking back!