Monday, March 13, 2006

Baby Decor

We ran out of time to shop for nursery furniture this weekend.. but we did find time to clean out the room.
Our storage room is now becoming a nursery!

I stopped by my favorite local baby/kids boutique - FireFly Furnishings ( today. My intention was to browse for ideas and request info about their mural painting services... but I found a great crib bedding ensemble!
They also had several princess-y decor items which I had to force myself to walk away from!! Great store - very fun!

Here are some photos of the bedding and materials, in case anyone is interested!
The brand is Little House Collection ( The bumper (yes I purchased a bumper - I don't think it's a safety hazard for a%2

Thursday, March 09, 2006

China Care


Saw this link on another adoption blog today and thought that it should be seen.


Well, time sure is ticking along slowly isn't it?
No big news.. but I verified today with Dillon that our acceptance packet was received early last week.
Found out that it was received and then shipped to India! So I guess our papers should be in the India courts now, waiting for processing and our NOC (No Objection Certificate) to be issued!!

So now seems like a good time to start thinking about the nursery! This weekend we will be doing a bit of nursery furniture shopping. Thx to my sister, we have a crib and some other accessories.. but we need a few other pieces. We also are looking for someone to paint a mural of some sort on the wall(s).
Thinking of a 'princess' theme... I need to begin prepping the room in this theme so that I don't change my mind again! I think that a mural of an outdoor scene with a castle in the distance would be so cool!
I love the work of this artist: (Penny Erlich). Her murals are gorgeous! Great ideas.
She works with Wendy Bellissimo - whose work i also love.
I like the Sir Leapsalot nursery decor. :) Uh oh.. here I go changing my mind again.

Tonite we have another adoption education class at our local adoption agency (not Dillon). Hopefully it will be informative...